Our Connection to Northwest Endoscopy

What is Northwest Endoscopy?

Northwest Endoscopy is an ambulatory surgical facility and the sister company of Northwest Gastroenterology. The Northwest Endoscopy facility allows for outpatient care in a comfortable setting and is our preferred choice for your procedures because it offers easy access, electronic sharing of your health information for better quality of care, and procedures performed by your consulting physician. Patients may find that procedures at Northwest Endoscopy are less expensive and less time-consuming than hospital-based procedures.

How are Northwest Gastroenterology and Northwest Endoscopy Related?

The partner-physicians of Northwest Gastroenterology own and operate Northwest Endoscopy in conjunction with a nationwide management company.

Where do I go for what?

Visit the Northwest Gastroenterology clinic for your consultation and disease management treatments. Based on your gastrointestinal issues, your Northwest Endoscopy clinic provider may recommend labs, imaging, procedures, or a referral to another specialist such as a physical therapist or surgeon. The Northwest Endoscopy ambulatory surgical facility is for procedures such as upper endoscopy and colonoscopy.

Do I have to use Northwest Endoscopy for my procedures?

You may have your procedure done wherever you choose and are not required to use Northwest Endoscopy. Northwest Gastroenterology physicians all have privileges at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center and can also perform outpatient procedures at the hospital’s endoscopy unit.